25 June, 2016

Interrail 2016 - Biking Bretagne!

Arriving to Gare du Nord in Paris by TGV, I had a glass of wine in the iconic "Grand Hotel du Clermont" before meeting a good friend that took me by car straight west, were two rental bikes were ready for us on the north coast of Bretagne.
    I never knew this corner of France, known for an aboundance of hospitality and rain. Parisians meant we were mad to go biking in this area at a time when half of France and Germany was suffering from heavy flooding, but we had mainly sun and hardly a drop of water for nine days!

Romantic walkway under water, and not much headroom under the bridge...

Partly following the historic "Sentiere de douaniere" that goes all along the coast, we biked adress a tidal road, so at the time of this photo we had actually biked to an island, where I enjoyed my oyster, bought fresh from cultivator.

Knowing our limits, we made a shortcut by train to Brest:
 (please notice my professional, multi purpose red clothesline)

Arriving by boat to the peninsula of Crozon, the sun continued to shine. Awesome rocks and cliffs!

One night, after a generous amount of wine, the tradisjon of illegal camping bought us into this field of marguerittes. Apparently military area, but hard to tell, in the dark.

Strikt time limits (somebody had to return for work) forced us to return to the car, allowing a visit to amazing Saint Malo and the absurde experience of walking adress the bay to Mont Saint Michelle. 

Totally worthwile!  No more sun, but as the rest of the continent were drenched, we did not complain!
Oh... I forgot Jonathan. The coolest seagull ever. Kind of polite,  very smart, patient and analytical - completely different from his hundreds of friends... He had paté and nutella all over his beak, when we left...

... this is my first update made from my phone. Might look horrible, but might come more...

Have a great summer!

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