28 June, 2016

Interrail, main target: ROMA!

My number one advice about a months trip in Europe is of course to go by train. The other is to plan for a maximum of two main destinations with plenty of headroom for spontaneous ideas.

You have to see it once...
In line with this, Bretagne was my first goal, Toscana was decided in the spur of the moment and Roma was the last vital stop, leaving the rest up to chance. It's been an incredible 17 years since my last visit to the Italian capital, but the city is still standing pretty much as I left it.

Return at nightfall, before the sky gets black ...
Three local Couch Surfers hosted me on their sofas, my sleeping bag making my visit less troublesome for them. All being kind and very helpful, not only offering shelter but also openhearted conversations.

a 360 degrees sphere flattened out, from inside Saint Peter.
Roma is perfect for walking. You have more sights than you can dream of within the reach of your sandals. Anywhere in between, try out a gelateria in search of the perfect icecream. You will most probably succeed every single time!

It is good, so good. Good. Goodgoodgood!
My top travel tips for Roma are: get your butt out of bed early and find a favourite piazza! You need to be first in line, not to be trampled down. Saint Peters one day (opens at 07.00), Colosseum another (look back one hour later and you will be grateful for the advice).

Have a walk in Trastevere, still a charming collection of alleys in a former worker's district.
Find a pizzeria like "Forno" in Campo dei Fiori, sit on the edge of a fountain, watch people taking selfiestickselfies ... and just feel the atmosphere. You are in ROMA!

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