07 May, 2015

The toughest man.

Imagine you live on one of the most remote spots in Europe. You tend your sheep farm, as your parents before you. Then, one slippery winter day you slide off the steep road leading away from the wind blown bay where you manage to make a living.

You are paralysed waist down, after a miraculous survival. Your insurance company refuse to pay up. Everybody expect you to succumb, move to town, get the social services and benefits where the system wants you. So that is what you do, 'cause your name is not Ástþór Skúlason. He is a stayer. The toughest man I have ever met.

The farm Melanes has the exceptional view of Europes longest bird cliff, towards Latrabjarg.
Àsthor slaugthering a ram.
Fresh testicles.

No wonder it is called Raudisandir - Red Sands. 

Be safe.

05 May, 2015

Iceland's Wild West

It was late in the season, but I pushed on and reached Làtrabjarg, which is the end of the road in Europe when you go west. Few people inhabit this part of Iceland and I got to know a fine selection of them. They brought me to search for stray sheep before they were sent off to the slaughterhouse. I can't imagine you get better meat than this.

Panoramic view of Làtrabjarg, an amazing bird cliff and Europe's westernmost point.

Be warned, this could easily be a literally DEAD END. Well, the road surely is. 

Eyvi and Jacob took me sheep spotting.
The ocean is 300 meters below.

Borgar, a most peculiar guy in an isolated farm introduced me to some of his skills and interests. Making window frames from driftwood, restoring tractors and bulldozers, making the finest hangikjøt you can dream of. This is sheep meat hung in the smoke of sheep shit. Yes, you heard me. And it tastes like heaven. Check it out in this episode of Paul i Vesterled - Pauls heads Westwards.

Borgar lives here, opposite Patreksfjord town. As he says; "Maybe it is not worse than anywhere else".

Hangikjøt made by Borgar. Meat does not get any better than this.