10 March, 2015

Diving in Dahab II

Puffer Fish, only deadly if eaten.
This is what to look for.
We were only in Dahab for three days, of which two were diving. The Bishbishi camp was recommended to us, and I will gladly pass on the recommendation, as Jimmy and his mates offer a safe and inexpensive place to sleep, with whatever advice and arrangements you would need.

Jimmy Dahab with hat, and Oula Dahab.

This is typically your first impression.

Jim was the best possible buddy.
After the first perfect days, the wind picked up, but Aqua Divers knew of a sheltered spot a short drive to the south. Visibility was reduced because of the agitated water, and the waves kept some of the sunlight out, but the experience was never the less very good.

Jim, my experienced buddy from yesterday (read Diving in Dahab I) took me on a drift dive along the corals, not much deeper than 25 meters, reducing air consumption. The first of two dives lasted just about one hour, which is more than I've done in one single dive before.

porcupine fish
colourful one ...
total relaxation
funny wormlike thing
Even if nothing appears out of the big blue, there are so much to look at, and having a buddy you trust makes the pleasure even greater. One has to wonder why nature has created all these colours and shapes. The intricate systems of fish depending on certain corals for survival, the fine balance with water temperature and acidity of the seas. All these accurately tuned mechanisms that our generation of humans are putting at grave risk, in our selfish quest for "higher living standard". Our wonderful planet would for certain be much better off without homo sapiens.

Geometric Moray, the most common moray in the Red sea.
small scorpion fish, according to Jim
blue spotted puffer

Maybe the fight for the water world is already lost, or maybe it can still be saved. The word "maybe" is popping up far to often, when it comes to human interference in nature. There is so much we do not know, and science has a hard time keeping up with accelerating changes. We remain ignorants in so many fields, but still act as if we knew. Or actually ever more often do even worse than that, when we do have the knowledge, but ignore it for the sake of short term benefits.

Milad Sawires is diving instructor at Aqua Divers in Dahab - recommended!!

Go get your dive mask, be sure not to touch anything and try to understand what our pollution, plastic, CO2 and overfishing are exterminating. Then use your vote, your shopping habits and your voice - in order make a difference!

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