07 January, 2015

Paul i Vesterled!

Finally! What else can I say. Years have passed without this series, that I am so proud of, could be shared here on my blog. It has been a long struggle with broadcasters and newspapers. To put it short, they seem not to find it "commercially interesting", so I hope you will judge for yourself and any opinion will be most welcome below. As I write, the programs are shown every week on TV8, thanks to the enthusiastic support of "Japan Photo", a great photoshop chain which is most inspiring to cooperate with. Do check them out, if you live in Scandinavia.

"Paul i Vesterled" translates "Paul goes west" or "Paul takes the western trails", which to a Norwegian would mean crossing the ocean towards the islands in the North Atlantic. These are closely related to us, both in the original language, which they have kept more of, and many other customs. This is one of the reasons why I want to shed a light on this cultural treasure.

And then there's nature. Nature like you would not imagine. Awesome is the perfect word for it, as I have time and time paused, in awe, just sucking in the splendour surrounding me on the trip.

Action has been a great part of the adventure. To be very honest, I am lucky to be here today. And somewhat skilful, as a couple of the challenges I met on this trip belongs to my top five list of experiences that could have been my last one.

Much more to come!

What more can I say. Here you have the promo for the series. I do have to admit that my later projects (you will find them on the bar to the right) have improved my skills in editing, sound and colour adjustment, but my guess is that you will not be disappointed and the stories are nonetheless powerful  enough to make the episodes more than worth viewing. Please do share your favourite with your pals on the web and help me reach out, as I think both the programs themselves and the exceptional characters in them deserve it!

IMPORTANT: Everything is high resolution, so choose HD! And I have taken the pain to subtitle everything, so choose English or Norwegian text as you like, on the right side of the bar just below the image.

This post offers the promo for the series. Tomorrow I'll give you the first episode, and every Thursday after that, for 13 more weeks, I will open up the world of the Faroe Islands and Iceland to you, with background stories and the odd cut away scene. You have something to look forward to!

... and a belated Happy New Year to all. Make it one to remember for something good.

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