31 October, 2015

Tour of schools 2015

After 15 years of giving inspirational travel talks in "folk high schools", I am now doing a hard core tour by bicycle. Let me explain that a "folkehøgskole" is a one year boarding school with students averaging 19 years of age, with less focus on grades and more on personal development and activities. The concept works well and is pretty unique to Norway. We have such schools all over the country. So. I am now going from school to school by bike, and the map show my route. The yellow "theatre  emos" are this year, the purple ones are to be visited next year (without bike).Blue is biking, black is bus, boat or train.

Being in Jæren as I write this, 12 schools have had my visit, meaning I've biked about 2000 kilometres. It has been truly interesting, both getting to know the backroads of southern Norway, and to develop my presentation, meeting lots of students every week! Be sure to follow pauls_planet on Instagram and Pauls Planet on Facebook, in addition to popping by here.

Any questions or requests? Use the comments option below or write to me, contact info available clicking "mail" above.

Safe travels!

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