11 February, 2013

The blues of white snow.

Last week, I was hitch hiking in the north of Norway, due to a delayed train. You see, buses only depart two times a day from a small and uninteresting spot on the map called Fauske, from where trains do not bring you further north. If you do get to Narvik, the next small town, with the latest of these two buses, then you arrive after five o'clock, and then you get nowhere at all. Being stuck in Narvik is a kind of a challenge (Yes, I did it...).

Nothing else to do than to stick out my thumb. Unfortunately, some places are less friendly to hitch-hikers than others, and Fauske surely ranks on the bottom ten of such locations. Two simple minded youngsters that have found nothing better to do with their petty lives than to invest in a music maschine surrounded by a wreck of a car, actually managed to shout at me, while they speeded by. You have to feel sorry for such miserable souls.

Bjørg Nerkvern, en herlig dame!
Nordlendinger av beste sort - med gode dekk!  ;)
Just as the 12 degrees below zero had penetrated my shoes and wholly socks, a sweet lady from Elverum picked me up. We had a very nice conversation. People that has lived a few years usually offer more interesting conversations than the younger ones.

At the ferry, after some two hours of driving, we parted. An elderly couple was first in the line, and accepted to take me in, and actually brought me all the way to a useful pickup-point where a teacher-friend from an adventure school got me in their car soon after.

Life always sorts itself out. I had my presentation the next morning. The weather was beautiful and Norway on a day like that just deserves to be seen by more than a frozen bugger waiting for a car to stop, so here are som photos. Click on'em!

This is Norway, in its finest lingerie of skycolored snow.


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