23 January, 2014

Jolatorget Pao Nao

Isklar is hereby proudly presenting yet another episode from awesome Hardanger. This area is simply packed with tradition and local know-how, and Arnhild Bleie is one passionate lady to tell about it.

Arnhild prepares for the yearly Christmas-market, where farmers and craftsmen come together and sell and share the local produce. Smoked fish, apple cider, knives, decoration, handicraft and art. It is such a joy to see it all out in the open, and it is a social highlight as well.

Isklar's factory is right across!
Hardanger is now dressed for winter. Although the fjords have a mild climate for being in Norway, some white weeks occur each year. It lights it all up, and must be appreciated while it lasts. I was lucky, and got some nice shots during my visits this winter. One day may have blue skies and warm colours from the low sun, while the next might be shrouded in cotton fog or stripes of low clouds. You never really know, in Hardanger.

Enjoy the scenery and remember that the episode has both Norwegian and English subtitles! The links on the right sidebar takes you to the other programs in this series, which will keep growing as the seasons roll out. I keep going back for more!  ;)

Vikebygd in morning light shot from the farms in Øvre Bøvre. Remember to click on my photos!

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