26 February, 2015

Art in Reykjavik

local chocolate ... :)
"Paul i Vesterled" has now arrived in Iceland. I will explore many characters, places and phenomena in this and the six next episodes. But let's start with Reykjavik, literally "the bay of smoke", as the vikings found it.

hard times

At the time of my visit, Iceland had recently been through some tough shit brought upon them by some true assholes running their own banks. The spirit was nevertheless strong, and the colours and artistry seemed to strengthen the morale.
fast food (not kidding)
    In later years, the economy have proved to bounce back in a way few others would have managed. They work like maniacs and simply refuse to do as told. This must be where the viking guts went, when we waved it off from Norway.

Fjølnir Bragason - my tattoo artist in Reykjavik
Kolbrun and Ragnheidur

Chaemsri & Fjølnir

I always go looking for people with a story. I met several in Reykjavik, and could have chosen others for this episode, like my band-playing hairdresser. I was taken aback by the creativity all over the place and found my designer and my tattoo artist just perfect, presenting what goes on in this tiny big city. That is what it is - a mini metropole ...

So ... something for everyone in Reykjavik! Do follow Fjølnir on Facebook and see the great work of Íslenzka Húðflúrstofan, and as usual click on these photos to see them better.

Go visit.

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